Thierry VALLET

Experience :

-Liberal dentist surgeon for 34 years :
• Doctor  in dental surgery diploma at Faculté de LYON
• U.D. of Biomatériaux et Systèmes Implantables diploma at Faculté de Médecine de BORDEAUX II
• CACITA (Certifcat d’Anatomie de Chirurgie Implantaire et des Techniques Avancées) diploma at Faculté de Médecine de BORDEAUX II
• Inventor of the rolling brush concept
Competences Scientific Domain.
Role : President ans scientific consultant.



Experience :

-20 years in an electronic design&computing software firm, working on electronic product on different kind of activies (Mass market, medical, industrial…) with differents positions : Technical, Sales, Purchase and manufacturing from Haute-Savoie, FRANCE(Chamonix Mont-Blanc area). Direct contribution to a “Mechatronic Award” in Toulouse.

– Today from Sophia Antipolis in Alpes maritimes, FRANCE (Nice area), as Delivery & AGILE Project Manager on subjects as artificial intelligence, service platforms for personal assistants which have won an “innovation award” at CES Las Vegas.

Competences :  R&D, Engineering, manufacturing of mecatronics products (electronic, mechanic, softwares) and innovative products sales.
Role : CEO.

Partners & Network :